-  This December was my best success fishing from my Hobie yet.  On two occassions I managed to land multiple fish and fed a few more.
shrimp_farm_09_010__Large_.jpg  I got a tip from local flyfisherman Jason Stacy, (Orivs shop Watercolor) to try white spoon flies along with some natural colored shrimp patterns.  Both types of flys worked. 


I also went to a 7wt. with a 12 ft. leader.  So I changed length of leader fly rod size and I got Rich Waldner to maked me some all white spoon flys. It was so much fun trying to figure out some kind of pattern.  There was the day I followed a school for 2 miles and just couldn't get close enough, so the next day I recognized the same thing going on and I decided to try to get ahead of the school and set up a ambush it worked somewhat as I got 2 fish but I spooked the rest so I still have some work to do on my location when reds are feeding and moving a certain direction.  shrimp_farm_09_004__Large_.jpg

Then my best day started out with very low tide, frankly I thought it was going to be hard to find anything, I was wrong, my first cast produced a nice 22 inch red, in the next 4 hrs I fed 5 more and landed 3 of them. I was stoked.  To date I have put more reds in my kayak then 3 trips to Louisana, its good to know some days you can have better fishing in your backyard then traveling to distant locations.  Looking forward to fishing in the New Year.