shrimpfarm_006.jpgNovember is the time redfish begin to school up and bigger fish return to the grass flats in Westbay, thats been my observation the last 2 falls. I started the month seeing fish that were quite a bit bigger than the reds I observed in the summer. It is so exciting to see fish 30 inches and longer.

  I usually fish out of my kayak and in the last year I have tried to reduce the time it takes for me to cast to the fish once I have  spotted them.  This entails getting in the rite position  and making a accurate cast with the rite fly.


shrimpfarm_003.jpgSome opportunities arrise that allow me to get out of the kayak and actually stalk the fish, I really like getting in the water and sneaking up on feeding fish.  There is a ton of bait for the reds to choose from, shrimp, crabs, and several kind of bait fish, I havn't figured out exactly what they are feeding on everytime out but a Kwan, Merkin, Clouser, Spoon Fly that lands in front of them stands a good chance of being eaten.

Fishing Westbay is about as technical (meaning very spooky fish) fishing for reds I have done. This is not a numbers game but a opportunity to improve all aspects of my fly fishing. I look forward to the rest of the cold season to have a shot at some awesome reds in very skinny water.