Bill, Gary, Ryan and I just returned from Stuart Fl. Snook fishing trip.  We drove most of the day Friday got our motel room and got ready to do some nite ops for snook.  Gary and I had our Kayaks, Bill and Ryan fished out of Bills tricked out canoe. Snook_nite_fishing_Stuart_Fl_005__Large_.jpg Ryan headed up this group and had us well informed and pumped to catch some snook along the lighted docks in Stuart.  We used 7,8,9 and 10wt flyrods rigged with floating, floating with a ghost tip, clear intermediate  and clear floating lines.  Flies that worked were Perrys Killer, Scampi bonfish fly, Polar Fiber minnow, and Darby's glass minnow.  First nite we got to the landing unloaded, rigged our water craft, and headed out.  Ryan had a game plan and set Gary and I up in areas that had snook waiting to be caught, After making sure we were set Ryan and Bill headed out to another set of docks.  I found the snook hard to catch the first nite, and had to work very hard to get one to the boat,  Gary landed alot more than I did and Bill and Ryan had about 45 to the boat, with Bill catching 25 of those to be the numbers leader the first nite.. 

After the 1st nite we were ready for the nite time casting and manuervering needed  to be succesful hooking and landing these hard charging fighting fish.  When you hook one thats 5lbs or more you have a real fight on your hands, what a rush.  With the lited docks, you get the opportunity to sight fish for these snook, while they are willing to eat your fly you have to place it just rite under the dock to get the hit. Snook_nite_fishing_Stuart_Fl_002__Large_.jpg

 Gary and I really got into the swing of it the 2nd nite with over 45 fish landed between us.  You talk about a work out, my right forearm  felt like the spagetti I ate for supper, these 5lb fish can break 30lb tippet on some of those fights.  Bill and Ryan caught several species the second nite including the biggest snook caught by Ryan (8lbs). At one point during the second nite Gary called me over to the dock he was working, when I arrived I found him fighting a fish that had gone around a piling and giving him fits he stuck with it and landed it like a pro.  He told me there were some fish by the lite just over from him, so I cast my fly in there and sure enough I hooked and landed a 4lber, not 2 minutes later Gary stuck another fish that had to go over 5lbs.  We had a great trip and I am looking forward to getting some snook action in the near future.  Len