Oyster Reef Project at Hogtown Bayou in Walton County
PB200017.JPGOn November 19th and 20th the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance conducted a project to build an oyster shell reef in Hogtown Bayou.  The primary purpose of the project was to protect an eroding shoreline from wave action.  The project was funded by NOAA and headed up by Allison McDowell of the CBA.
Oyster shells were placed in nylon meshed bags that weighed between 25 and 40 pounds and trucked in to Cessna Landing on Hogtown Bayou.  They were loaded on boats and hauled to the reef site.  Volunteers placed the bags 4 abreast for the bottom layer and then build the reef up the the water surface.  The reef ended up about 50 feet in length when complete.  Members of our club as well as the Audubon Society, the Air Force and NWF State College helped with the project.