100_0927 (Large).jpgThe Panhandle Fly Fishers Club embarks on another adventure this year, to support the Southeastern Conference of the Boy Scouts, in teaching fly tying, fly casting and fly fishing to the boys.  Our first introduction was at the Boy Scout Jamboree in March 09 at the Fort Walton Beach fairgrounds where a full day of fly tying demonstrations and hands-on fly casting lessons and lots of fun was had by all.  Although our club President, Lee Stelter, and many members are supporting this effort, five members; Bill Potter, Bill Streitz, Cody Wells, Dennis Curley and Dennis Cooper have taken the extra step in applying and getting certified to teach the Boy Scout Fly Fishing Merit Badge.

100_0932 (Large).jpgThe morning session will align to classroom lectures and interaction on all the basics of fly fishing, safety, first aid and good sportsmanship.  The afternoon will be all hands-on fly tying, fly casting and knotsmanship.  Each scout separately learned and demonstrated tying all the knots required to rig a fly rod for fishing and tied at least two flies(Guaranteed to catch fish!!).  Our fly casting class for all these scouts was facilitated through the generous donation, by the Federation of Fly Fishers(FFF) and Sierra Club, of 5 complete TFO fly rods, reels, lines and leaders.  Each Scout will get to experience overhand and Roll casting techniques.