The inshore fishing has been hot. The guides have been catching Sail Fish and one fisheremen at the destin harbor said there were reports of blackfin tuna and Mahi Mahi being caught. So my friend and I took to the seas in search of Tuna and Sailfish.  The species being caught inshore  include Blackfin tuna, Sail Fish, Kings, Spanish, Mahimahi, Triple tail, Bonita, Large ladyfish, Bluefish just to name a few.  After going out the past 2 weekends chasing the Sail Fish, I went armed for big fish with 10 and 12 wt rods with wire leader on one and 60lb bitetippet on the other.  My friend Capt Doug Richards of Lightenup Charters and i went to target primarily  the Sailfish to try and be the one of the first to catch a sail fish on the fly inshore but we were unable to locate them.


We did find some schoolie dolphin to catch on the flyrod and i attempted to catch a triple tail on the fly but he would only chase the fly but wouldnt take it.  The water was rough wit 2-4 ft seas and flyfishing was tough trying to cast and maintain balance at the same time. 









There is a lot of sea weed  out there and one could go armed for just schoolie dolphin and have a good time.  I did learn the bite and action with the baitfish heating the bite up depended on the Tide. When the tide was moving and the seas were rough the action was hot. Over the two weekends i did see one guide boat catch and land 2 sailfish. It was hell of a site to see a Sail Fish greyhound over the water and then see a boat drag this "6-9 ft Sail fish over the boat sides. I used my 10 wt with small trace wire tippet and small deceiver type pattern to catch the schoolie dolphin.








I know if i had used a 30 lb tippet with smaller size pattern i could have caught a bunch of them. A boat captained by a friend of ours was just 1/2 mile from us and he hooked up 2 blackfin tunas, and 2 sailfish which we did see one of them greyhound  just to toss the hook.  I also learned a big flypattern with a popper head is hard as heck to cast especially when its wet. I sure will downsize my patterns and use more synthetic materials to lighten up the fly so i can cast with some distance. A week earlier I got to witness a big King skyrocket just 30 feet from the boat with my big red fly in the corner of his mouth but i lost him. 










 I could talk for an hour on my fishing experience thsoe two weekends but i dont like to type.  SO...In conclusion nearly all species of fish are within eyesite of the beach....Get after them. p.s. I heard they were catching the hell out of wahoo and big dolphin out at the edge....