The last week and a half have been from outstanding to very good. 

I've had days on the beach where there were so many blues and ladys you just had to cast out and hook up, on slower days,

I had to look for them,  this am was one of those days I live for,  there was a mixed bag of ladys, blues, kings, reds, hardtail and lots of bait rite on the beach.  I managed to land over 30 fish with ladys, blues, hardtail, lost a king, and saw a huge red.

I started with surf candy and went to crease fly.  I worked up such a lather I was played out after 3 hrs of none stop action. 
I love the beach this time of year.  Len


Bill and Gary joined me today for some beach action, and action there was, we enjoyed over 2 hrs of none stop action with blues and ladys, what a blast.  The first hr was slow then all hell broke loose and the blues showed up in unbelievable numbers. The beach is on fire rite now.