Brook Trout from Sutton
Len Anderson has recently returned from a adventure in the North. Here is his story.

I was co-guide and fished on the world's best brook trout stream, the Sutton, in northern Ontario.  Our group of 8 anglers caught 1135 brookies with a 18 - 20 inch average, largest 24+ inches, we were there for 9 days. 

We canoed and camped down 80 miles of river, saw a Caribou, and had weather that ranged from the 30's to the 70's.  Lots of bugs which required a headnet  for a large portion of each day.  These fish are both river dwelling and sea run.  The sea run fight like a ocean fish, very agressive hitting top water flies all day long. 

The mouse pattern worked very well.  We had a mix of spin fishermen and flyfisherman. Locally, I've had two good days catching blues and ladys on the beach, alot of fun. 

Len and a BrookBrook