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Next General Meeting Oct1 ,2018.Cody presents"Overview on Red and Black Drum Fly Fishing". Healing Waters fly tying starts at 5:30pm.Club Fly tying at 5 pm on Sep 17.

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Fall Tournament 2009

November 3'rd was the day for the yearly Fall Tournament wrapup. We started early with a fly casting session with Master FFF Instructor Jim Penrod where we all got better line control. At noon we all ate to mutch and had a great time at the Calhun Park
see the photos here

Panhandle Flyfishers Fall Fishing Tournament
Thursday, Sept. 3 to Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009

  1. Rules to Follow:
    Tournament is limited to members in good standing.
  2. All fish must be caught on a fly in compliance with IGFA rules (no trolling and no treble
  3. Each entry shall be on a signed photograph that shows the entry fish positioned AGAINST a
        designated tournament ruler. The number and fish length must be clearly visible for the judges to
        view. Photographs that do not conform to the tournament rules shall be disqualified.
  4. Members must bring their assigned rulers to the kick-off to be registered and tagged. Members
         who cannot attend the kick-off may register/tagged by contacting Dennis Curley (585-4180).
  5. The $5.00 entry fee includes Tournament fee and Wrap-Up lunch.   A $5.00 charge
        For each additional family member and/or guest will cover meal. Members are asked to
        bring a  side dish or dessert to the wrap-up. Soda and water will be provided
  6. Kick-off will be held at our regular meeting on 3 Sept. at the Senior Center in Destin
       Wrap-up will be at Calhoun Park in Destin on 1 Nov..  Lunch will be served at 1200 followed by   the Tournament awards ceremony.
  7. All tournament photos must be submitted NO LATER than 1300 at the wrap-up on Sunday 1 Nov..
         Photos shall be judged and certificates will be awarded to the winners.
  8. Categories:  
    1. Largest Redfish
    2. Largest Trout
    3. Largest Saltwater (excluding Shark/Catfish/Rays)
    4. Largest Freshwater (excluding Carp and Catfish)
    5. Grand Slam: Redfish, Trout, Saltwater Fish. Grand Slam will be judged on total  length of all three fish combined.
           No contestant may win more than ONE TOURNAMENT CATEGORY, except Grand Slam
  9. While it is hoped everyone will attend the wrap-up, electronic submission in .jpg format is
         allowed to: Dennis Email .  Note, ANY problems in transmission, downloading,
         printing, timing, etc., are the responsibility of the entrant.  It is suggested you call Dennis Curley at 850-585-4180  and verify your entry has been received.
  10. . Fish caught on guided trips are not eligible and geographic area is limited to:
                   West boundary – Perdido River and its tributaries in FL.
                   East boundary – Apalachicola River and its tributaries in FL.                  
                   North boundary – Florida/Alabama line
                   South boundary – to 9 miles off shore