To quote a friend of mine from Texas.. You live in Paradise where you can fish for Trout and Redfish in the mornings and then fish for Bonita inshore or Tuna, Marlin or whatever you wish for in the daytime” With the warmer water temperatures here one can fish for about any species of fish that he wishes to pursue, which makes this time of year great in one aspect...but the holdrums of the hot summer is upon us and the water temperatures have soared to bath water temperature and along with it comes the june grass and seaweed.

 With the hot days one must think of night , early morning or late evening fishing. We usually take July off from club meetings but it seems to slow the club activities and interest level down and with the Destin traffic being somewhat navigational, we will be having our first July meeting in many a year. This month members have decided to hold our Flytying meeting at Orvis Sandestin at our regular time. We also will be having a Flyfest on July 11th pending our meeting Thursday night. I found a few days ago that our scheduled Master FFF Flycasting instructor will be out of town for Personal / Family issues so we have to discuss whether we will be postponing our flyfest or continue on with it as planned. Want to say thanks to Ryan Hawks for doing June’s flytying session tying the Sea Habit pattern which he nicely done. He also brought versions of a toad patten he was tying. Depite the heavy destin traffic we had a good turnout. With Ryan doing an offshore/ inshore beach pattern it is great for this time of year as you will see later in the newsletter. Unfortunately our June meeting our guest speaker , capt James Whitaker wasn’t able to make the meeting due to mechanical failure of his boat trailor while returning from his guide trip but James as asked to come to our July meeting so we welcome him Thursday night. July and August also brings in tourists, families visiting, Block Buster movie hits ( Transformers, Harry Potter ) and the 4th of July. Remember what the 4th means to you and celebrate it and embrace it. Prayers for our soldiers deployed overseas. Spend time with Families and Happy 4th of July to you. Congrats to Tammi Hawks for catching a Submitted IGFA WGFA World Record Red Snapper. Now Ryan has a challenge... Don Chattin , President