It’s been a good month for flyfishing activities as the weather has finally broke loose and allowed us to start fishing. With that of course the daily popup showers have showed up and the humidity has come to stay. The tourists and college kids will be seen as you read this with schools being out and summer break arriving. There were two conclaves happening this month, one in Louisiana and the other in Georgia for those who got to attend, kudos to those that did, so now you can show us what you learned.

Our club spring tournament wrapped up Sunday and we had a surprise guest attend, Mr. Jim Penrod, A master FFF Fly-casting certified instructor who worked with us to aid in our fly-casting abilities. Many thanks to him for making the long drive to attend especially coming from Port St Joe. The club and Orvis has picked a date where we are having a “ Orvis-Panhandle Fly fishers Day ” on July 11st at Orvis Store in Sandestin, more on this later in the newsletter. I want to say Thanks to Debbie and AL Mast, Jim and Pauline Waters, Tom Wall, and all the other members and spouses who brought food and prepared food for the wrap-up. The burgers and Brats were excellent as well as all the other food. ( what happened to the cookies ? ). We did keep the cost down and the entry fees help offset the cost of the tournament which results in the club able to spend money for the rest of the year on activities. If any members have ideas or activites they want us to pursue, please let us know. The club outing for June, which we were going to have in St Joe Bay fell through so at the club meeting this week we can talk about having another one at a different location ( Hint: lennie’s spot on the beach sounds good). As most of you know the club had an outing at West Bay in April and it was great, especially ending the day eating hot dogs from Lennie’s Grill... Capt Bob Quarles came to the club and gave a great talk on flyfishing the surf and passed around some of his flies that he uses. All the members were excited to hear someone who fished our area and one that loves what he does. You could tell that he has a lot of compassion for flyfishing. I appreciate all the members who took part in the Orvis Days this past month...kudos to them. This Month we will be having a guest Speaker, Capt James Whitaker, from our own Destin area. Some of know James from some years back when he worked at Blue Bay Outfitters. James is a great individual, great fly fisherman and I assure you he will have a great talk lined up for us. ON a separate note....Prayers and thoughts go out to Jacob Cormier, a member who is now deployed in the Sandbox. On July 11st we will be having a joint adventure with Orvis, titled “ Orvis- Panhandle fly fishers Day “ whereby we will be tying flies, Fly-casting, leaders, etc...and Capt Jim Penrod, Master FFF Casting instructor will again be coming from Port St Joe to observe and instruct us on Fly-casting. Jim McCarthy will have the Casting Analyzer there and I am sure its going to be a lot of fun. The Gulf Coast Council FFF was this past month and 5 of us went over and attended the show. It was a good show and I enjoyed it. I really was impressed with Capt Bob Popovich’s. His manner and demeanor was great. He was tying and talked to Tom Wall and myself as if we were best friends. We learned a lot from him with just a short amount of time watching him. ( see more in newsletter). The FFF has been contacted and we are still in line for Hooks and for Rods from TFO for use with youth programs. More on this as time passes. The TFO rods won’t be available till August timeframe. Don’t forget Dennis has put some applications together for the Boy Scout Programs for some members. If you are interested contact him. Don’t forget our club guest speaker for June 4th meeting.