Unk’ sUnks Midnight Shrimp Midnight Shrimp

On occasion I've found our summertime trout getting a little selective under the lights, not always but sometimes. When that happens stop and watch what the current is bringing under your light. Usually when the fish are a little selective they will be
keying on shrimp or baitfish. If most of the blowups are on shrimp here's a simple, easy-to-tie pattern works pretty well. Unk



Hook: No. 6 Mustad 34007 or equivalent
Thread Brown or tan Danville's "Flat Waxed" Nylon
Eyes Small brass dumbells
Tail Tan marabou and brown or black grizzly hackle
Flash Tan metallic medium Estaz chart, tan, or pearl Body

Tying Instructions

Step 1 With the hook rightside up in the vice, start the thread at the eye and wrap aft to the bend
and back to a point on the shank half way between the point and the eye
Step 2 Mount the eyes with five turns x-rapped each direction and five turns parachute style
Step 3 Select a single marabou feather and cut to length, mount the feather with the stem starting just aft of the eyes, wrapped to just short of the bend. Mount the flash with two strands each side of the marabou. Mount one small thin grizzly hackle on each side of the tail (not splayed)
Step 4 Mount Estaz on the shank of the hook and "X-wrap" the eyes. Tie off the Estaz short of the hook eye. Whip finish the head and cement. Note: I apply small drops of cement (Hard-as-nails) at each step along the way. This makes the fly a tad uglier (less professional looking) but allows 40-50 specs to come aboard before it starts to depreciate