Fishing Reports -

Wow , what a summer its starting our to be. I got to go out with my son fishing offshore and we caught everything you could think of but sitting back and letting him reel the fish in was my best memory. It was fathers Day and I enjoyed it tremendously.

 I got to see him catch his first Amberjack ( it kicked his butt) and we had a great time together. On our way in 6 miles from the pass , your not going to believe it, but we saw a Blue Marlin. It was grey hounding our of the water chasing Bonita. Damndest thing I ever seen. I went fishing yesterday and we pulled up on a wreck and with some other friend along we were looking for “ table food” and they dropped down some cigar minnows on the bottom....I thought to myself I will just go to the front of the boat and do some long side flycasting to see if I could hook a king ,
Bonita, or Jack crevalle.

I heard my friend say, “ oh, it’s an amberjack” so I made another cast and let my pattern sink down a foot and then started stripping fast and wow, the Small amberjack were all over it. I hooked an amberjack and he headed south straight down going well into my backing on my 10 weight. My friend , Zack who brought his 10 weight also , grabbed it and put on a cigar minnow type pattern also started casting and he hooked up on a Amberjack....From there on it was pandemonium for 2 hours. We caught amberjack and Red Snapper on our fly rods. Zack really zoned in on the red snapper with a Teeny heavy Dept Charge line getting it down 10 feet or more to them. The redsnapper would come up in the water column to about 4-6 feet below your fly and look it over. We had amberjack chasing our flies , catching snapper and his wife was bottom fishing for snapper. We seen a 9 foot Hammer head Shark who came over to see what all the commotion was and the kings and Remora also made their appearance.

 I hooked a remora ( they became a nuisance after a bit ) and brought him to the boat and they sure look like a cobia. The action was so savage that we didn’t have time to grab cameras but we did get a few pics from Zack’s wife taking the time to snap a few. At the meeting I will tell you the technique we were using to catch them on the flyrod. The fish were keyed in on “ cigar minnow type patterns” ...
Amberjack with pattern used ...Owner hook Baitfish- Cigar minnows that we were trying to imitate We also hooked up on live bait, kings, bonita, black snapper, but we were in heaven for several hours with the boat on one spot. You can never say you have enough flies tied as the kings bit my leader twice and had to resort to 50 lb Mason monofilament bite tippet.

Small Amberjack on the Fly... Hell of a pull and run. You can see me on the right using both hand s on 10 weight
Don Chattin with Amberjack, beautiful water 5 miles out from pass. Zack, with red snapper caught on his Sage rod and Tibor reel. I caught all my fish on my new Orvis Zero Gravity flyrod, Tibor reel. You can see the pattern I used. Zack used a similar pattern but with heavier epoxy head and dept charge line.