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Louisiana march in July

RP 661 12Tarek and I had a good trip to the Louisiana marsh on July 28th and 
29th.  We fished with Captain Rich Waldner, and of course, that's the 
best part of the trip!
Got an 0-dark-early start on Saturday and had partly to full 
cloudiness with an incoming tide to greet us, so we started blind 
casting dark spoon flies and sliders.  We saw several pushes but 
never connected.  Tarek was getting constant instructions from Rich 
since he was unknowingly enrolled in Waldner's Redfish Finishing 
School, and was learning all the tricks of casting, hook setting, and 
playing reds, along with many colorful stories.

RP 658 12Midmorning I was 
lucky enough to nail a nice 17 pounder in about eight inches of 
water.  It ate a black spoon fly, and gave me a great battle on my 
eight-weight.  Got him to the boat and he puked up a small dark crab 
about the size of the spoon fly, so we confirmed that they were 
feeding on small black crabs.
But they proved to be elusive the rest of the day, even tho' it 
partially cleared off and we were able to do some sight-fishing.  We 
jumped several nice reds, but they were very goosey and never give us 
a fair chance to get a reasonable cast on them.

RP 659 12Sunday broke clear and another early start (you know how those 
Marine's are - early-start crap). Although we were seeing some reds, 
they continued to be snotty and would run when they sensed the boat.
But Tarek laid out a nice cast and got his first redfish on a 
fly!!  So things were looking up!
About lunch time, Rich took us to an oyster bar near the Gulf that he 
was hoping had a foot of water over it, as the tide was starting to 
run out.  He'd mentioned that he had caught about a dozen nice reds 
there a couple of days ago, so he was anxious to try it again. And 
since we only had an afternoon left, and reds scarce, we were anxious 
to try it too!
Tarek's first cast, under the watchful eye of Professor Waldner 
produced a nice fat five pounder, and his second cast produced 
another a pretty three pounder with five spots.  The reds were there!
RP 662 12With the skiff pushed up against the shoreline, Tarek climbed up on 
the poling platform and I got up on the casting platform and we 
proceeded to harvest the oyster bar, with multiple double 
hookups.  Catch a rat red, and then a three or four pounder, then 
another rat, then a nice red.  Tarek was well onto his graduate 
degree with hook-up after hook-up.  We probably caught 35-40 reds, 
with six nice four pounders going into the ice box for a future as 
grilled-redfish on the half-shell.  A nice ending to a trip that was 
pretty barren until then.
So, all-in-all, another good trip to the marsh, with Tarek graduating 
with honors and becoming an official Redfish Whisperer.