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Next General Meeting Oct1 ,2018.Cody presents"Overview on Red and Black Drum Fly Fishing". Healing Waters fly tying starts at 5:30pm.Club Fly tying at 5 pm on Sep 17.

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June fishing

tarpon A week in late May and early June  I had a good friend visiting me from Denmark. Allan is a avid trout fisherman and has fished trout in numerous waters in Scandinavia, Russia, Greenland and northern Canada.

Being new to saltwater we were determined to try as much as the weather would permit of the local species around Panama City.



tarponspotAllanlen Allan






The first weekend we had typically Florida spring weather. Calm sea and wind until noon and on shore wind in the afternoon so off coarse the morning was used to chaise Tarpons. Still early in the season the Tarpons came from all directions. We had several good shots but never hooked up.  I think the climax was when Bill presented a toad fly to a Tarpon and the fish actually turned for it! The line tighten up – the hook was set -and a Spanish Mackerel had taken the fly! Bill had to sit down a while to recover!

tdDue to heavy sea we spent the next days on the Jetties at the Panama City inlet. It's a busy place with lot's of fishermen -and for a good reason! You newer know what kind of fish you will encounter. First day was kind of crazy. I hooked up a nice bonito on one of the fist cast. A strong fish that put me well into the backing. Luckily I had chosen a 10 weight for the day and even then it was not overpowered!

The Spanish was everywhere and small blues kept the action going. I fished this area many times and seen a lot of different species being caught there. Allan hooked up what I thought was a lady fish. I did notice the wide body and the frequent jumps but didn't think more of it. I crabbed my camera  and headed over just to find a stunned Allan. “It was a Tarpon” Allan had hooked up he's first Tarpon. It's the first baby Tarpon I've ever seen in the area. I heard about them but never seen them before. Unfortunately the Tarpon got away under the landing, -but when

tarpon fishing a leader touch is a catch!







The next day Bill, Cody, Dennis and Gary came down from Destin. We fished  hard until noon and landed a lot of Spanish. Some big ones among them and a lot of fun. A school of Spadefish was hanging out around the jetties a and managed to hook up on one of the, but never landed it. It's a strong fish and absolutely worth targeting later.
allan3garyLen Red






 One of the last days we went to West bay for some redfishing. The wind and the cloud made the sight fishing a challenge but Len got a nice red in the boat. Unfortunately Allan newer got a Red on this trip. -but it's just another reason to come back!