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Next General Meeting Oct1 ,2018.Cody presents"Overview on Red and Black Drum Fly Fishing". Healing Waters fly tying starts at 5:30pm.Club Fly tying at 5 pm on Sep 17.

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April fishing

april2012.jpg  I hadn't been  in my Kayak since Dec. for a number of reasons, so when I had the chance to go yesterday I went. I got to the water about 8am, lots of no seeums and biting flies so I hurriedly put my kayak together and got going.  Very little wind so the little buggers were following me, ugh!

 I paddled for about 10 min.and started blind casting a known holding area for reds at this time of year. No hits, and I didn't see any. I headed to my next area and poled my kayak very slowly looking for fish. I went for about 30 min before I spotted my first red. He was slowly swimming toward me off to my rite. He didn't seem to see me and I had a cast which he ignored.  Over the years I have found this kind of behavior is common for reds not feeding just slowly swimming in one direction. I poled for another 15 min. before I saw another fish. It wasn't interested in my offering either.
I knew I had to keep going and try to find some actively feeding fish.

Apr2012_004.JPGAfter 3 hrs. I hit the jackpot, a bunch of tails and backs out of the water. I took my time and found the target fish I wanted and got into position to make a good cast.  I put the fly about 10 ft. in front of the fish and waited 2 to 3 seconds and made a slow strip, the fish turned and came after the fly, I felt a tug then just as quickly nothing, I just kept stripping, then it hit with abandon and the fight was on. It took out line on several runs before I got it to hand. It measured out almost 26" what a great fish. I had another fish track my fly until it saw my kayak and it turned off at the last second.  It was great to be back in my kayak fishing for reds.  Len