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Panhandle Fly fishers annual Champions tournament 2012



Panhandle Flyfishers, in an effort to promote sportsmanship and competition among its members, is sponsoring a year long tournament that will run from the first Club meeting in January to the third Thursday in November of each year.  Awards shall be held in conjunction with the Club Christmas Party in December.


The tournament shall be open to all members in good standing.


All legal entries must be caught on a fly rod using a fly in compliance with IGFA rules.




Since one of the objectives is to recognize the most skilled fisherman, awards shall be given for distinct species of fish that all of our members have the opportunity to fish for with some frequency.  With this in mind, the major categories shall be broken down as follows:


Open Ocean

Pelagic game fish such as Dolphin and Cobia


Beach and Near Shore

Migratory game fish such as Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, etc.


Bays and Estuaries

Game fish species such as Speckled Trout and Redfish


4. Fresh Water

Fresh water game fish


Approved Species within Categories


Open Ocean



King Mackerel

Jack Crevalle



Tuna other than Bonita

Beach and Near Shore


Spanish Mackerel

Blue Fish


Bays and Estuaries

Speckled Trout




Fresh Water

Large Mouth Bass





Method of Measurements

All measurements shall be taken with a ruler issued to each club member.  The measurements shall be taken in accordance with the regulations specified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  (i. e. some species shall be measured as overall length, others shall be measured to the fork in the tail.)  All fish submitted must meet the minimum legal length requirement as determined by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations.  A photo of the fish next to the ruler such that the length of the fish may be determined, from the photo, shall be submitted to the tournament committee.


While photos are preferred, the submission may be electronic as long as it is in one of the approved file formats.jpg and .gif.  All electronic submissions shall be submitted to the Club Secretary (Dennis Curley at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) no later than 12:00 midnight Central Standard Time on the third Thursday in November.  As with the regular photos, it is the responsibility of the submitting member to see that the photo is in a state such that the size, species, length, ruler number and date code can reasonably be determined. Problems in transmission, printing, timing, etc., are the responsibility of the entrant.  It is suggested if submitting via email, you contact Dennis Curley by phone at 850-585-4180to verify receipt.  


The deadline for turning in an entry shall be the third Thursday in November.  Photos may be submitted throughout the year and a member may submit more that one photo in each category.




All fish submitted for entry in this tournament must have been caught within the tournament boundary area as defined in this subsection.

For the purposes of this tournament, the boundary area shall be defined as follows:


The northern boundary shall be Florida’s lateral border with the State of Alabama.


The western boundary shall be the Perdido River and its tributaries within the state of Florida.  This is Florida’s longitudinal border with the State of Alabama.


The eastern boundary shall be the Apalachicola River and its tributaries within the state of  Florida.


The southern boundary shall be Florida’s seaward boundary in the Gulf of Mexico.  At the time of this writing, this boundary is 3 marine leagues or 9 nautical miles into the Gulf of Mexico.


Fish caught on commercially guided trips are not eligible.



The Awards Ceremony shall be at the Club’s annual Christmas Party held in December of each year.  Awards shall be in the form of traveling plaques for each species of fish listed in this document.  These plaques shall provide an area to place engraved nameplates with the name of each year’s winner, the year and the length of the winning fish.



All members in good standing are automatically eligible for participation in the tournament.  New members shall receive a numbered ruler at the time they join the club.  This ruler shall remain with the member for the life of his/her membership.  All current members shall receive a numbered ruler at the time that this tournament is approved by the club membership.  The rulers shall contain a date code that shall be changed each year as a means of validation.  These rulers shall also be used for the Spring and Fall tournaments so that there should be no need for a member to carry more than 1 ruler when fishing in these tournaments.

A tournament committee shall be established to keep records of the entries and determine the winners each year.  This committee shall consist of the Secretary, the Treasurer and one member at large.