DSC_0124.JPG The last couple of weeks the Beach has been a fun place to be with a fly rod. The annual run of false Albies or Bonito's has been fantastic this year! I encountered the fist ones in September but the last weeks they seems to have split up in smaller groups chasing minnow almost up on the dry sand. 

 To weeks ago I had my morning coffee on the balcony and noticed some shoals of fish chasing bait in the surf. A little reluctant to run down since the fish was moving very fast and I have a long history of being late while chasing fish. After about 30 minutes of self negotiating the fish where still there and I jumped in the elevator.

As always the clear black shadows visible from the Balcony becomes another business when close to the surf. It's hard to see the fish in the water but luckily the Albies likes to ride the surf and expose themselves.
The first day my success was limited to a few hookups but no landed fish. Little by little I found the recipe, Speed and even more speed! The fish will follow a slow fly and perhaps nip it in the tail, whereas a fast moving fly generally will produce a regular bite. -So the rod up in the armpit and strip the line as fast as possible! 

A line basket is a realy good tool too. The fish moves very fast and changes directions all the time. Being ready is the key. 
-and when the bite comes “Hold on”. It's a fantastic fighter.
 Next time I'll remember to adjust the camera down!