closeup.jpg The season has arrived in full swing as we seen the water temps in the mid 60s in March climb to 72-73 degrees in April. The Cobia arrived with the Spanish Mackerel right behind them. Fishing for cobia a few weeks ago i seen multiple wads of baitfish with small Spanish busting them on top and birds working on top. Fishing east we spotted a cobia hovering around a wreck, to far to make a cast with my flyrod and the cobe went down. My friend tossed a live eel and we caught a nice cobia about 25lbs. As we cruised the beach, we seen a triple tail about 10-20 feet from the boat just drifting along the current trying hard not to draw any attention to himself afraid he could be bait for a larger species cruising the beach looking for an easy meal.
bonita.jpgI climbed out to the tower and made at least 20 casts to him but he didnt want to eat anything. We even cruised past him within arm reach to get a picture, he was that close. As we approached the Destin Pass, about 1 mile east at the beyond the dark water line i seen a large areas of " light brown" color. The color reminded me of crab island where you see the beautiful green/bluish water with a brown sandy flat just below the surface. I yelled what is that and my friend said " its a school of jacks, grab your flyrod"...I  climbed down and to find out it was a big school of Redfish- over 20lbs and over 35 inches...I grabbed my 12 wt and made multiple casts and then circling around them to get multiple casts but they also stayed down and wouldnt take a fly. My friend said lets try a live eel....NOPE, they didnt want anything to do with it either, as they were in a noneating mood, like many tarpon that come into  our area. 

big_cobia.jpg     This past Weekend we tried again, this time my friend Zack, Capt Richards and I  armed with multple flyrods for any species with a set of fins. We had 2-10wts, 1-12wt, 1-8wt. all with different flies, leaders and bite tippets;  The water temps were warmer and the cool mornings made it nice to ease down the beach looking for cobia and spanish.pattern.jpg
We didn’t see any spanish , redfish, or birds  but we did see multiple schools of bonita. We had a double hookup once  on our 10 wts,
baitfish.jpg Zack with a Pugelis style baitfish and myself with a baitfish pattern tied like a "mushmouth / Eat me Fly".  The water started to lie down smooth so the fishing got slow. Later we did catch a 50 lb cobia on a live eel; When we gaffed him and brought him on board, he nearly sunk the boat thrashing around.  Later on I was  get to cast to 3 small cobia who were on top water, near a fad,  but they spooked and went down. I did see them and the cast was only a 30 foot cast, but as soon as the fly hit the water they went down and we never seen them again. Catching the two cobia over the past week made me wonder if the Orvis Helios 10wt had enough backbone to catch a cobia. Funnything is the 25 lb cobe fought harder than the 50lbcobe til we got him on board.  The Cobia,Spanish, bonita, Kings, Pompano, Specks, Redfish and other species are all  here for fishing.  Watch the tides and weather and get out on the water. Its a great time to be Flyfishing in Destin, Florida