Greg B. Saunders- A  Unique innovative fly tyer to say the least as Greg has designed and tied  all his patterns. He not only tests them ( you can see the small mono loops tied on the hook eyes) but he along with his fishing friends fish with them to test the action of the fly and its effectiveness. Greg resides in Pensacola, and is a artist and sculptor. Greg teaches at the local college and has art exhibits displayed across the US. For more info on greg visit the website -  to see more about him , his art, sculptors and his career. 
       His fly tying  is a true art and   special to  our fly fishing club,  Panhandle Flyfishers , where we’ve got to experience and watch him tie and explain  his flies.   You think he can tie, you ought to see him cast a fly rod ! Greg is the innovative designer of the “flylipp” and his patterns and information about the flylip can be viewed at   The fly lipp can be placed in a upward or downward position to influence the action of the fly.   


 Greg’s  name and patterns are noted across the internet sites and flytying forums.   Greg’s flylipps can be bought on his website or through the  fly fishing catalog -  Feathercraft  .   Pictured are some of the patterns that Greg has bestowed upon us to watch him tie.  Our club really enjoys his visits and appreciates all he has done for our club.