Saturday November 20 Panhandle Flyfishers held a fly tying session with the creator of Flylipps Greg Saunders. The always entertaining Greg showed us all how to tie wriggling creations using the Flylipps spoon and foam. Here are some of the flies that he tied and brought with him.



Lipped Seaducer

-Hook: Mustad 34007 sizes 2-1/0, for this example used #!
-Colors, use any combination of colors you wish.  For this one, used orange for inner tail,  chartreuse for outer tail, reddish black feathers for collar, orange thread.
 -Start thread at eye, lay on base and tie on Fly Lips on TOP of hook.
- Wrap thread to hook bend and tie on weed guard.  Wrap the mono down the bend of the  hook about a 1/3 to 1/2 of the way.
-Tie in two hackle feathers above hook point with curve in and down.
-Add a little flash to each side over the first two feathers.
-Add another hackle feather to each side.
-Tie a feather on just in front of the tie in point for the four feathers.  Palmer it but bunch 
     up “short” then pull the barbules down to back of fly and tie them down so they lay
     down to cover up the transition point between the tail and the body.
-Tie off and cut thread.  Restart with mono thread next to the first palmered feather.
-Tie on flat holographic flash, advance thread to just behind eye.  Wrap body with the
      holographic flash and tie off.  Trim flash.
-Form the body by palmering two feathers, widely space the wraps, each ½ way, and
      wrap the second feather in opposite rotation from the first.  This cuts down on
      twisting during casting.  Barbules should lean to the rear of the fly.
-Tie the weed guard at the front.  Glue.  

The Frog And the Scapin Shrimp


Femme Fatale