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Next General Meeting Oct1 ,2018.Cody presents"Overview on Red and Black Drum Fly Fishing". Healing Waters fly tying starts at 5:30pm.Club Fly tying at 5 pm on Sep 17.

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Mikklesons Epoxy Baitfish

mbf.jpgOnce in a while you fall over a game changer fly. We all have our favorites and most of us are reluctant to wast precious water time on trying new creations. Some time ago Orvis.com  had a sale on flies on their site. One of the was the “Mikkleson's Epoxy Bait fish” in olive and chartreuse.

First time I tried the fly I broke my personal record with a 24' Ladyfish. The weekend after I joined up with Len on a trip to Crooked Island where we landed countless Ladyfish and Blufish.
Lady's and Blue's are not known for being picky so last weekend I tested the Fly on the grass flats of Snt. Joe's Bay and it turned out the this fly is just as good for Seatrouts and Red's with 13 Trout and 5.5 Reds to the Kayak. (a Shark ate one of the Red's)
At least for late summer fishing this Fly is a Must Have in my flybox! Good colors are Brown/Tan Olive/Tan Chartreuse/White (all with Pearl body)

Tying instructions:  (probably a variant)

Hook: Tiemco 811S Size 4
Thread: White mono core
Tail: Tan Calf tail
Top: Olive or Brown Buck tail
Body: Pearl Sparkle Braid
Rib: Copper or golden Crystal Flash
Hologram stick on Eyes
Epoxy or Tuffleye







Step 1: Attach a sparse tail and place 4 strains of Crystal Flash on top of the tail.
Step 2: Attach one strain of Crystal Flash for the rib and about 4 “ Pearl Braid for the body
Step 3: Make a uniform body with the Pearl Braid.



Step 4: Mount a small amount Buck Tail facing front
Step 5: Bend back the Buck Tail and  attache it with the Rib and finish off with a knot.
Step 6: Apply a thin layer of Epoxy or Tuffley Core and put on the Holo Eyes



Step 7:
Finish off with a thin layer of Epoxy or Tuffley Finish