IMGP0658L.JPGI had my son Nick and his girl friend Gretchen over to do some fishing.  I was feeling some pressure as I have told them how good the fishing can be here. It was time to put up or shut up. 
The first day we fished the beach, we had bait  along with spoons and fly fishing.  The surf was about 2-3ft. with 10-15knot se wind. 

Nick cast a spoon and caught a lady rite away, after that he hooked a pompano using frozen shrimp, it was a great start. We ended up catching ladyfish, hooking and loosing pompano, catfish and a lot of other hits.  We were busy until about 11 am then the heat and high sun made it difficult to stay out and fish.  The next time out we took my kayak and canoe to Westbay, I had done some research the day before and found a nice bunch of reds on a grass/sand hump away from the shore.  Nick and Gretch paddled out to the area I suggested and on the first cast with a gold spoon Gretchen caught a nice red about 18", good start, it wasn't too much longer and she caught a nice 25" red. It gave her  a good fight, we were having a blast.  All in all we caught 5 reds one on the fly 4 on the spoon.  Next time out we plan on fly fishing only.







It was great to catch some, to know they are there, to get the confidence to know fly fishing for reds is very doable in our area.  These two outings gave me pause to be thank-ful we have this wonderful diverse fishery, the beach one day, the bay the next and to be able to do with out costing a arm and a leg. I plan on taking full advantage of these fishing opportunites, you never know when it will end.  Panhandle Fishing rocks.  Len