Penrod_Trout.JPGI had the chance to meet one of our newest members Jim Penrod  to do some fishing at Crooked Island.  This has become a favorite place for me to fish.  Jim was fishing by the time I arrived, he had caught a nice 17" trout. 
I started casting and walking along the beach, my first fish was a small ray they fight pretty good. Next fish was a whiting, small but its a fish and my rod was bent which means fun to mean. When I met up with Jim he told me where he had caught the trout, we both started casting in that general area,  I hooked and landed a lady, when I heard Jim let out a holler. He had a nice fish on which turned out to be a beautiful 21" trout. He was using a orange and white clouser type fly. By the time we were finished we had caught 4 different species of fish. The action wasn't hot and heavy but steady enough to keep you casting. 

Jim has a passion for fishing just like he has for teaching casting and it is fun to watch how excited he gets when fishing the beach. This time of year you can wade the beach and have a great day not only fishing but catching several types of fish as well.  Len