Redfish_25_in_caught_mar_2010.jpgWell the water is definitely warmer but someone forgot to tell the bait fish to show as Tuesday and wednesday being off for a few days i grabbed my flyrod and hit the bay looking for trout and redfish.  Tuesday after fishing for several hours i casted a silver angelhair/ mylar clouser type pattern tied with bead chain eyes ( which i have grown to like better than dumb bell eyes)  up against a dock piling and the water was like chocolate milk...A nice redfish grabbed it and the fight was on...the crazy redfish ran right to me at my feet and i had line all wrapped around my head and shoulders/rod liken the days of fishing with Bob Rosasco (Rosy).    I let him do his thing and gently lead him to the bank to take a picture which i found out my ruler was in the car and my batteries in the camera were dead ( rule no.1- always check camera and bring ruler) so i grabbed my Flip video...fumbling with it i did get a few seconds of video of him but i had to get him back in the water quickly to work him so he could live another day for someone to catch. Measuring him from the pictures he was 25 inches.I didnt catch anthing else Tuesday and so I went hits, no bait....Weather was beautiful...Water temp was 63 near 64...So any day the trout will show up and the season will be here.  Oh, they are catching pompano off the beach and cobia were caught last friday...The spanish macks will be here soon .....Don