burnt_mill_2010_008__Large_.jpgFishing for reds has become a passion for me, especially the reds in my back yard,  Westbay,  I didn't catch the numbers I caught in Jan, but I seemed to learn more. I learned things that are going to help me no matter the area I fish for reds. One of my biggest reds came on a perfect day for visibility, lite wind, clear water and actively feeding fish.

It was the last Fri in Feb. with good water movement to go along with the a fore mentioned conditions.

I found feeding fish tailing 10 min. out and there were instances like this the whole way. 
burnt_mill_2010_005__Large_.jpg About 2 miles out I saw a huge school of mullet swimming by shore. I followed this school making occasional casts into the school hoping for a red or trout. 

This went on for about 1 hr. with no takers, then it happened, I saw a large fish working in amongst the school of mullet.  I cast at the fish and it made a huge move very fast, but no hook up, I picked up and cast again, it happend, the red grabbed the fly and the race was on, the first run was long and fast, I knew this was a special fish, there was another 4 runs before I got  the fish to my Hobie. 

 What fun, I love it. I looked up, thanked the Creator for this awesome place.