I had my brother-in-law visiting for a couple of days this last week, we had one day to fish, last Tues.  It was sunny, with a hard north wind and very cold.marsh_2010_009__Large_.jpg
  Mike was game to go so we launched at Burnt Mill.  I got to use my canoe for the first time down here.  We headed south towards the wider part of burnt mill where it meets Westbay.  Going with the wind was easy, we were heading to known redfish areas.  The water was winter time low tide with alot of mud exposed. It didn't take long to get to the area that holds fish.  Mike started casting, getting use to my gear,  he was casting very well and acccurate. We were out about 20 min when I saw water movement that didn't look normal it looked like fish. Then I saw a Pelican dive for bait about 30 yards from the canoe, I told Mike to cast over to the left. After 2 casts he was hooked up with a nice 24" red.  The wind was blowing so hard I couldn't hold the canoe in place and we drifted over the school or reds.  Mike landed the fish like he had been catching reds his whole life, the truth be known Mike spends alot of time fishing up North and is a very good fisherman.  He said the weather reminds him of a typical Minnesota walleye opener. I had planned to go out about 6 miles but that changed as the wind started to blow harder. We headed back paddling into a stiff north wind, we found some lee shore and had one more fish hooked but lost.  All in all a good day Mike caught a nice red and we got to spend time on my home waters of Westbay.