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Unks Midnight shrimp

Unk’ sUnks Midnight Shrimp Midnight Shrimp

On occasion I've found our summertime trout getting a little selective under the lights, not always but sometimes. When that happens stop and watch what the current is bringing under your light. Usually when the fish are a little selective they will be
keying on shrimp or baitfish. If most of the blowups are on shrimp here's a simple, easy-to-tie pattern works pretty well. Unk

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Club info and contact

Panhandle Flyfishers Are located in Destin Florida.
Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 724 Legion Drive Destin at 7:00 PM.
 For latest information check the Club Calendar in the top menu

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June 2009

It’s been a good month for flyfishing activities as the weather has finally broke loose and allowed us to start fishing. With that of course the daily popup showers have showed up and the humidity has come to stay. The tourists and college kids will be seen as you read this with schools being out and summer break arriving. There were two conclaves happening this month, one in Louisiana and the other in Georgia for those who got to attend, kudos to those that did, so now you can show us what you learned.

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Panhandle Flyfishers Annual Champions Tournament 2009

Panhandle Flyfishers Annual Champions Tournament 2009

Panhandle Flyfishers, in an effort to promote sportsmanship and competition among its members, is sponsoring a year long tournament that will run from the day following our annual Christmas party to midnight of the third Thursday in November of each year.  Awards shall be held in conjunction with the Club Christmas Party in December.

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July 2009

To quote a friend of mine from Texas.. You live in Paradise where you can fish for Trout and Redfish in the mornings and then fish for Bonita inshore or Tuna, Marlin or whatever you wish for in the daytime” With the warmer water temperatures here one can fish for about any species of fish that he wishes to pursue, which makes this time of year great in one aspect...but the holdrums of the hot summer is upon us and the water temperatures have soared to bath water temperature and along with it comes the june grass and seaweed.

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