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July fishing

IMGP0658L.JPGI had my son Nick and his girl friend Gretchen over to do some fishing.  I was feeling some pressure as I have told them how good the fishing can be here. It was time to put up or shut up. 
The first day we fished the beach, we had bait  along with spoons and fly fishing.  The surf was about 2-3ft. with 10-15knot se wind. 

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Trip to Port st Joe

stjoe2.jpgThe club had a first time club outing in the Port St Joe area this month, where 15 members made the long trip to fish an area pristine with grass flats and a large open pass to the gulf. From the # of fish caught you'd never know the guys had that many lines in the water.

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Bay Fishing Mar 23-24th for specks trout

 Redfish_25_in_caught_mar_2010.jpgWell the water is definitely warmer but someone forgot to tell the bait fish to show as Tuesday and wednesday being off for a few days i grabbed my flyrod and hit the bay looking for trout and redfish.  Tuesday after fishing for several hours i casted a silver angelhair/ mylar clouser type pattern tied with bead chain eyes ( which i have grown to like better than dumb bell eyes)  up against a dock piling and the water was like chocolate milk...A nice redfish grabbed it and the fight was on...the crazy redfish ran right to me at my feet and i had line all wrapped around my head and shoulders/rod liken the days of fishing with Bob Rosasco (Rosy). 

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Crooked Island May 2010

Penrod_Trout.JPGI had the chance to meet one of our newest members Jim Penrod  to do some fishing at Crooked Island.  This has become a favorite place for me to fish.  Jim was fishing by the time I arrived, he had caught a nice 17" trout. 

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Fishing Report February 2010

burnt_mill_2010_008__Large_.jpgFishing for reds has become a passion for me, especially the reds in my back yard,  Westbay,  I didn't catch the numbers I caught in Jan, but I seemed to learn more. I learned things that are going to help me no matter the area I fish for reds. One of my biggest reds came on a perfect day for visibility, lite wind, clear water and actively feeding fish.

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