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Next General Meeting Oct1 ,2018.Cody presents"Overview on Red and Black Drum Fly Fishing". Healing Waters fly tying starts at 5:30pm.Club Fly tying at 5 pm on Sep 17.

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Welcome to Panhandle Flyfishers

April fishing

april2012.jpg  I hadn't been  in my Kayak since Dec. for a number of reasons, so when I had the chance to go yesterday I went. I got to the water about 8am, lots of no seeums and biting flies so I hurriedly put my kayak together and got going.  Very little wind so the little buggers were following me, ugh!

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Beach Fun

Len_Bonito_2.jpgWhat a lot of fun!. Bil Len and Torben had another fun day at the Beach. The Bonitos were in thick !

The video tells its own story.

Last Updated (Monday, 26 December 2011 15:24)

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Spring Steelhead Minnesota Style

030.JPGI know most of my flyfishing friends in Florida scratch there head and wonder how I could like fishing steelhead in Northern Mn. under conditions I just endured.  I had missed the previous 2 steelhead seasons and I just had the need to get back to my roots.  Last year I tried to get back but mother nature decided to have a early spring and by the time I was scheduled to be on the rivers the run off was over and it was a very dry spring which meant not enough water in the rivers.


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Hello Backing

DSC_0124.JPG The last couple of weeks the Beach has been a fun place to be with a fly rod. The annual run of false Albies or Bonito's has been fantastic this year! I encountered the fist ones in September but the last weeks they seems to have split up in smaller groups chasing minnow almost up on the dry sand. 

Last Updated (Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:55)

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Mar-April Fishing Report

closeup.jpg The season has arrived in full swing as we seen the water temps in the mid 60s in March climb to 72-73 degrees in April. The Cobia arrived with the Spanish Mackerel right behind them. Fishing for cobia a few weeks ago i seen multiple wads of baitfish with small Spanish busting them on top and birds working on top. Fishing east we spotted a cobia hovering around a wreck, to far to make a cast with my flyrod and the cobe went down. My friend tossed a live eel and we caught a nice cobia about 25lbs. As we cruised the beach, we seen a triple tail about 10-20 feet from the boat just drifting along the current trying hard not to draw any attention to himself afraid he could be bait for a larger species cruising the beach looking for an easy meal.

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