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Greg Saunders- Flytyer and Artist


Greg B. Saunders- A  Unique innovative fly tyer to say the least as Greg has designed and tied  all his patterns. He not only tests them ( you can see the small mono loops tied on the hook eyes) but he along with his fishing friends fish with them to test the action of the fly and its effectiveness. Greg resides in Pensacola, and is a artist and sculptor. Greg teaches at the local college and has art exhibits displayed across the US. For more info on greg visit the website -http://gregorybsaunders.com  to see more about him , his art, sculptors and his career. 

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Flylipps with Greg Saunders




Saturday November 20 Panhandle Flyfishers held a fly tying session with the creator of Flylipps Greg Saunders. The always entertaining Greg showed us all how to tie wriggling creations using the Flylipps spoon and foam. Here are some of the flies that he tied and brought with him.

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Mikklesons Epoxy Baitfish

mbf.jpgOnce in a while you fall over a game changer fly. We all have our favorites and most of us are reluctant to wast precious water time on trying new creations. Some time ago Orvis.com  had a sale on flies on their site. One of the was the “Mikkleson's Epoxy Bait fish” in olive and chartreuse.

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Bill & Gary Fishing in Jacksonville Oct 24, 25, & 26

Bills_fish.jpg I started my trip on Friday by attending my high school homecoming football game in Orange Park. Bill started his trip leaving Thursday to attend the FFF Conclave in Orlando. He had his canoe on the truck and all our gear in the truck bed.

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West Bay Outing September 11

DSC_0003.JPGSix Panhandle Fly fishers all joined up in West bay this Saturday morning. We headed out at 7 am and agreed to meet again at noon. It was a beautiful morning with calm wind -perfect for fly fishing.

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