Greg B. Saunders- A  Unique innovative fly tyer to say the least as Greg has designed and tied  all his patterns. He not only tests them ( you can see the small mono loops tied on the hook eyes) but he along with his fishing friends fish with them to test the action of the fly and its effectiveness. Greg resides in Pensacola, and is a artist and sculptor. Greg teaches at the local college and has art exhibits displayed across the US. For more info on greg visit the website -  to see more about him , his art, sculptors and his career. 




Saturday November 20 Panhandle Flyfishers held a fly tying session with the creator of Flylipps Greg Saunders. The always entertaining Greg showed us all how to tie wriggling creations using the Flylipps spoon and foam. Here are some of the flies that he tied and brought with him.

DSC_0004_1.JPGNothing is more frustrating to lose a good fish to a bad knot! As much time and effort you use to track down the fish and all the skills needed to make it eat it's all worth nothing if your knots are bad.  I personally learned this the hard way when I started to pursuit Florida's game fish. Having a back ground in trout fishing I've used the same knot for a long time without any problems. I tried to upscale the knots used for 10 lb leaders to 30-40 lb leaders and in all honestly they didn't work!  Warm saltwater fly fishing is very unforgiving!! These fish will search for weak points and they will test your gear to the limit!

mbf.jpgOnce in a while you fall over a game changer fly. We all have our favorites and most of us are reluctant to wast precious water time on trying new creations. Some time ago  had a sale on flies on their site. One of the was the “Mikkleson's Epoxy Bait fish” in olive and chartreuse.

 Fly pattern for Mayan Warrior