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Silver King

tarpon1It all started a weekend late May where Bill, Len and I was out near the beaches of Panama City looking for Cobia. We saw a big fish bursting the surface and we slowly came to the conclusion: The Tarpon had arrived! We all more or less instantly got hit by a severe case of Tarpon fever.

What feels like countless trips later, Countless refused flies and a lot of missed opportunities it all came together on a beautiful morning in July.

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Louisiana march in July

RP 661 12Tarek and I had a good trip to the Louisiana marsh on July 28th and 
29th.  We fished with Captain Rich Waldner, and of course, that's the 
best part of the trip!

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April fishing

april2012.jpg  I hadn't been  in my Kayak since Dec. for a number of reasons, so when I had the chance to go yesterday I went. I got to the water about 8am, lots of no seeums and biting flies so I hurriedly put my kayak together and got going.  Very little wind so the little buggers were following me, ugh!

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June fishing

tarpon A week in late May and early June  I had a good friend visiting me from Denmark. Allan is a avid trout fisherman and has fished trout in numerous waters in Scandinavia, Russia, Greenland and northern Canada.

Being new to saltwater we were determined to try as much as the weather would permit of the local species around Panama City.



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Beach Fun

Len_Bonito_2.jpgWhat a lot of fun!. Bil Len and Torben had another fun day at the Beach. The Bonitos were in thick !

The video tells its own story.

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